Doni Apartments

Doni Apartments Ksamil Albania provides to its customers a family run restaurant with friendly atmosphere and dishes with fresh ingredients on the ground floor of the building.

The restaurant serves basically mediterranean cuisine, as well as roasted and cooked food, seafood and local specialties.

1. Breakfast
English breakfast can be served everyday at the restaurant for every client on request. Traditional full English breakfast includes bacon fried, poached or scrambled eggs, fried or grilled tomatoes, fried mushrooms, fried bread or toast with butter, and sausages. Black pudding, baked beans, bubble and squeak and hash browns are often also included.
2. Traditional Dishes
One of the most famous traditional dishes of Ksamil Sarande Albania is Tas Kebab. Tas kebab is a grilled meat stew from the Turkish cuisine. The traditional meat for kebab is lamb, but depending on local tastes and religious prohibitions, other meats may include beef, goat, chicken, fish, or, more rarely, pork.